BOOKING TERMS - short version
The following short version of our terms is included at the end of the booking process and customers must acknowledge their acceptance of this by checking the box provided:

Booking Policy: all bookings must be secured with a deposit (50% of total). The booking is transferable to another person or to a different date (subject to some conditions), but the deposit is not refundable. The balance must be paid no less than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date, unless the booking is made less than 6 weeks out (in which case then the total must be paid at the time of booking). Cancellations made less than 4 weeks prior to arrival will result in forfeiture of all money paid, unless the booking can be changed to a different date or person.

Guests also agree to allow Good Knights Entertainment Ltd. to capture and use images of them for promotional purposes in print or digitally (including social media). If you wish to opt out of this you must do so in writing prior to arrival.

A deposit of 50% of the invoice amount must be paid at the time of booking to secure the reservation. The balance is due 6 weeks before arrival. If the booking is made less than 6 weeks before the arrival date, then the full amount is payable at the time of booking. Guests arriving for their booking without having paid their final payment may be refused entry until this is paid.
All bookings are transferable to another party.
The dates of the booking may be changed (subject to some restrictions and a change fee). Changes in dates will not normally be allowed less than 4 weeks prior to the date of arrival.

Weekends are sold as  a package (Friday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday), while weekdays can be booked singly.



Cancellation requests will be allowed with certain conditions:

      - >6 weeks prior to arrival date will lose their 50% deposit,

      -  4-6 weeks prior to arrive date will lose their deposit plus 25% of balance

       - < 4 weeks prior to arrival will lose all funds paid.


Refunds will not be issued for instances of inclement weather.



All cancellations must be requested and administered by email


All eligible refunds will be refunded via the payment gateway that your original payment was made or by e-transfer.

Compassionate circumstances will be considered when considering changes or cancellation requests.


Check-In starts ar 4:00 PM (staggered check-ins)  |  Check Out is 11:00 AM


By completing reservations for our accommodations, feasts, or other special events, and arriving on our property, you hereby authorize any images or video footage taken of all party members including youth (under 18 years of age), in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images and video footage, to be displayed on the Good Knights Entertainment Ltd. website, social media accounts, promotional material and other official channels, and to be used for media purposes including promotional presentations and marketing campaigns.

You also authorize the display and use of any media material or images, including youth, at our events and/or workshops.

You will not hold Good Knights Entertainment Ltd. responsible for any unauthorized reproductions. I hereby waive the right to royalties.


You are 18 years-of-age or older and the parent or legal guardian of the youths in our reservation party, and you have read this waiver and are familiar with its content.


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Conditions and Additional fees


Most accommodation units can accommodate 3-4 people. The number of occupants included in the rate is  indicated in each unit's description in the booking portion of the website. This maximum occupancy for each unit is strictly enforced.


Additional fees for extra occupants above that included in the price - usually 2 (and up to the maximum occupancy) is charged per person/night - to cover the cost of breakfast, cot set up, and amenities.



Please enter the names and ages class of all occupants of each occupancy unit - including infants (under 2 years) in the booking system (under "Complete Guest Details") so we have an accurate record of all guests on site. Infants stay free of charge provided that they sleep in one of the beds provided or in a bed that you provide.


Most of our activities are included with your stay with the exception of a few.


The following on-site activities have additional fees:

Advanced Craft Classes - including the Siege machine kit workshop

Advanced Skills School (eg. Knights School)


Please ask for the most current pricing when booking or during your stay

Dietary Restrictions


Daily breakfast and Saturday night feasts are included with your accommodation booking. All other food must be brought and prepared by the guests.


We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions however may not be able to accommodate all requests. 

We CAN NOT guarantee a nut-free environment.

Dietary restrictions and requests should be noted on the booking or guest forms at the time of booking, or must be made in writing no less than 2 weeks prior to your arrival via email in order for us to be able to accommodate your needs.

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Site policies


Smoking - We are a NON-SMOKING facility. Smoking of tobacco or cannabis  is only permitted in designated areas outside of the gate.

Pets - Guest pets are not permitted on the grounds with the exception of guide dogs or registered helper dogs - with written permission of management. 

Visitors - Visitors who are not registered as guests (accommodation, feasts, or other events) are not permitted on the grounds unless previously arranged. Visitors may be permitted on site if accompanied by a registered guest for a short visit, but may not participate in activities.  An activity day-pass may be purchased on-line or at the gate from a Good Knights' staff member for a set fee. All additional visitors are required to sign in so we have an accurate record of all guests on site in the case of an emergency.

Camping - No camping or personal tents. There is no camping allowed outside the gates, in the parking lot, or grassy areas, and all guest RVs must not be occupied at night.

Alcohol - Guests are allowed to bring alcohol onto the site and consume it(responsibly)  at or around their tent. Drunkenness and associated dangerous or rude behavior will not be tolerated. Our feast halls are licensed facilities and therefore outside liquor is prohibited. We operate a cash bar at all feasts - serving beer, wine, and mead.

Vehicles - Guest vehicles are not permitted inside of the gates of the park. Exceptions may be made by the management for invalids and for group bookings or special events.

Respect and Courtesy - We expect that all guests will act courteously towards their fellow quests. This is a shared environment and the conduct of each guest affects all other, and therefore is a shared responsibility. Guests who do not abide by this may be asked to leave with no refund or recourse.

Quiet time is between 11 PM and 7 AM. All guests are expected to respect this and the needs of guests to their own peace and quiet during this period.

Guest Safety - The safety of guests is of paramount concern to Good Knights Entertainment Ltd.  as it affects all other aspects. Circumstances and behavior that are considered unsafe by the management and staff will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as a highest priority to ensure the safety of all guests. Unsafe use of weapons, fires, violence, verbal assault, or severe drunkenness will immediately be acted upon and could result in the immediate removal of the person or persons involved from the activity or from the site - without recourse or compensation. In some severe cases the police may be called to assist. Management reserves the right to remove or even permanently ban those responsible from the venue.

Accidents - All accident and injuries must be reported to a staff member as soon as possible. The staff member will assess the situation and take the appropriate action. All incidents will be recorded for future reference.

Campfires - All fires must be kept to the fire receptacles provided and be kept in a safe and manageable state. Guests are required to extinguish all fires or cover them with the provided screen prior to abandoning the fire. In addition, all guests must respect and obey any fire bans that county or provincial authorities declare from time to time.

Open Flames - The burning of candles and incense is not allowed in any tent or in close proximity to any tent or awning. Mosquito coils can be burned but only outside of the tent. As noted above, smoking is not allowed in any tent or building or on the site in general - except in areas designated for this purpose by the management.

Emergencies - Good Knights Entertainment Ltd has established policies for safe and orderly evacuation of guests in the event of an emergency. The protocol is to assess the risk and act to ensure guest comfort and safety in the case of fire, floods, or severe weather. Staff members will assess the situation and inform guests of the appropriate action - inform, shelter-in-place, lock-down, or evacuate.

Private Weapons - Guests may bring private weapons, such as knives, swords or archery equipment onto the site, subject to the inspection and approval of a staff member - and subject to proper care and use. Under no circumstances are firearms to be brought onto the site by guests. All guest archery equipment must be securely stored in the locked archery shed and must be inspected and approved by staff for use in supervised archery classes. Weapons being used in an unsafe manner (i.e. putting themselves, other guests, or staff at risk) will be confiscated and returned to the owner or responsible adult on departure.

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