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NOW open!

Our Encampment season starts May 10, 2024
The Burrow will be open all seasons in 2024

Weddings + Group bookings

please contact us directly about your plans for

a medieval wedding or other special event in 2024 (or 2025).

Before Booking

BEFORE booking, please notE:


Basic Information

  • Closed on Sundays nights (after checkouts)

    • ​The exception is on Royal Feast nights during the summer(3rd Sunday June – Sept)


The Encampment | medieval tents

  • Weekdays nights (M-Th) can be booked individually (but you may want to stay longer as there is so much to do!)

    • Weekday nights are generally priced lower than weekends as there is no feast

    • For single-night stays there are limited activities available​

  • Weekends can ONLY be booked as a package and must include a Friday night

    • Regular weekends are booked as 2 night packages (fri + sat)

    •  Long weekends / Holiday weekends are reserved in 3 night packages (fri, sat, + sun)

    • All weekend bookings include tickets to the weekly Noble Feast


  • Tent Tiered Pricing

    • Standard weekends: based on a 2-night package (Friday & Saturday nights) includes Saturday night Noble Feast 

    • Long (holiday) Weekends: based on a 3-night package (Friday - Sunday nights) includes Saturday night Noble Feast 

    • Mid-week Stays: based on single night stays (Tuesday-Thursday nights)

  • All Encampment tent bookings include:

    • basic site activities (see our activities and feast pages)

    • breakfast

    • for guests staying on a weekend, the Noble medieval feast is included.

  • Tents are priced individually based on the size and amenities - double occupancy. We have 3 classes of tents:

    • Deluxe: 3 tents (2023 rates start around $300/night)

    • Premium: 4 tents (2023 rates start around $340/night)

    • Family-double accommodation: 1 tent (2023 rates start at $480/night)

  • Note: that all tent accommodation prices are based on double occupancy (except our family tent which is based on quad occupancy).

    • Additional occupants are subject to additional fees 

    • Eg. A family of 5 in a deluxe or premium tent will be charged for 3 extra occupants


The Hideaway | the Burrow

  • Open all-seasons ​​


  • Burrow pricing varies by season

    • High-season: May - September plus Christmas Season​

    • Mid-season: Spring (March-April), Fall (October-December)

    • Closed: January/February (starting 2025. The Burrow will remain open during winter 2023/24)

  • Single-night weekend bookings are available for the Burrow (unlike tents which must be booked with a 2-night minimum on weekends)

  • Maximum 5 guests​ (maximum of 4 adults plus 1 child - or some combination)

    • Pricing based on quad occupancy

    • Parties subject to additional fee for each guest beyond the 4 included in the price​

  • $75 cleaning fee will be added per stay (not per night)


  • Self-catering (bring your own groceries)

    • breakfasts & feasts not included

    • subject to seasonal availability

  • Limited on-site activities and subject to seasonal availability

  • Optional add on packages are available

    • breakfasts 

    • feasts – weekly Noble or monthly Royal feasts 

    • seasonal experience packages (Christmas at the Burrow)

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