Our season start June 5, 2020

Booking details


The 2020 season for the Medieval Encampment

runs from June 5 - Sept 27.



We will be operating with only 6 tents this year and will be will be limiting our occupancy to a maximum of 28 people on site - due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Before you book,
please note the following changes:


  • only (6) tents will be available this year (the Noble will not be available)

  • there will be restrictions on communal activities (such as group campfires & games)

  • all guests will be pre-screened prior to entry to the site

  • restrictions on access to the site - to registered guests only

  • breakfasts will be served at your private dining area outside your tent

  • activities will be done privately by party / family - some restrictions

When booking,
please note the following:


  • the site-wide limit (28 people) is built into the booking system

  • this is only indicated when you enter total occupants for the tent

  • a 'not allowed' message - if your occupants is more than available

  • if this happens, please try another date

  • Weekdays nights (Tu-Th) can be booked singly, but you may want to book more than one. 

  • We are normally closed on Sundays nights (after checkouts)

  • Weekends can only be booked as a package and must include a Friday night.

  • Regular weekends are 2 nights and long weekends are 3 nights.

  • All weekend bookings include tickets to the weekly Noble Feast.

  • All bookings include basic site activities (see our activities and feast pages)

  • Please note the changes to activities due to COVID-19)

We can normally accommodate medieval weddings and other special events / gatherings, but we will be pushing these out into 2021

to allow for conditions to improve. (see our wedding page )

Group bookings (contact us directly)


* Rates are listed in Canadian Dollars and do not include GST or other applicable taxes.

All listed rates updated January 1, 2020 and subject to change without notice..

 Please note how our rates are listed:


Standard weekends

 based on a 2-night package (Friday & Saturday nights) 

includes Saturday night Noble Feast 

Long (holiday) Weekends

based on a 3-night package (Friday - Sunday nights)

 includes Saturday night Noble Feast 


Mid-week Stays


based on single night stays (Tuesday-Thursday nights)



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