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Where are you located?

We are located 10km south of Three Hills, Alberta, (just 1 km east off highway 21, along Township Road 310) and about 1.25 hours from the Calgary International Airport. You can view our location on Google Maps here. Look for the blue highway signs for Good Knights - 1/2 km north and south of the turn off of Highway 21.

What time is check in?

Check-In is any time after 4:00PM. Check-out is 11:00AM. If you plan to arrive later than 7:00PM, please let us know. We will continue staggered check-ins, with each guest given a time window for their check in. Guests arriving before or after their window should text us with their new ETA to (403) 701-5858.

Is your site wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Most of our tents and the Burrow, as all of our cooking, dining, and other facilities are fully wheelchair accessible. If you have additional special requirements, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to make your stay more comfortable. Loaner mobility equipment is available (limited and must be reserved in advance). Make a note of this when making your booking. Please note that our site is large, but level - it is a few hundred meters distance from the parking lot to the tents.


The best tents of accessibility are:

  • the Tudor

  • the Imperial

  • the KIng

  • the Fleur-de-lis


The least accessible tents are:

  • the Khan

  • the Majestic


The new Romani caravans coming in 2022 will not be very accessible as they will have a short set of stairs to enter.


Note: if you are unsure of which tent is most suitable for you , then please contact us directly and we would be pleased to assist you in making the best choice for your individual needs.

What is included?

A stay at either the Encampment or the Burrows includes:

  • accommodations (and all the bedding)

  • breakfasts (except during the off season for the Burrow)

  • on-site activities (advanced classes are extra $)

  • Noble feasts (for guests on Saturday evening)

  • access to costumes for your stay

  • firewood

  • drinking water

  • cooking facilities

  • dishes

What happens if it rains?

It rarely rains here, but if it does you'll probably get a little wet . . . The Encampment is still technically camping so if rain is in the forecast bring your umbrella, some mud shoes/boots, and a good book. The tents in our Encampment are waterproof and come with electric heaters, but we recommend you pack to prepare for a variety of weather scenarios. Some activities are weather-dependent - such as archery and medieval dancing. On soggy days we will offer indoor activities in our banquet spaces. No refunds will be issued due to inclement weather, so hunker down and spend the time relaxing! We have lots of books and board games to loan to guests.

Do you allow pets?

For the comfort and safety of all our visitors, guest pets are not permitted in our park. We know you love your pets; so if  you are travelling with them, feel free to contact us for recommendations regarding local kennel facilities. Please note, we do have a Golden Retrievers (Frodo) who stay outside the grounds and we also have a couple of outdoor cats who roam the property (they are not supposed to go into the tents - but they are cats) so we can not guarantee a completely allergy-free experience.

Can I smoke on the site?

For the safety and comfort of our guests we do not allow smoking (tobacco and cannabis) within the boundaries of the park. Smoking is allowed in the parking lot and in a designated area outside of the main gates. Our facilities are made out of wood and fabric so if we see you smoking on-site, we will assume you are on fire and we will attempt to put you out.  ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING IN OUR COSTUMES.

How do meals work?

Breakfasts (served daily at your doorstep) and Saturday night feasts are included for the main season (May through September). All other meals need to be brought and prepared by guests. Alternatively, there are restaurants and food stores just minutes away (by car) in Three Hills. We also offer 'at-tent-dinners' for special occasions during the week (not on weekends) for an extra fee. You can book these on the website.

I have food allergies - what do I need to do?

For breakfasts and feasts, we do need to know about any severe dietary restrictions with enough lead-time to make arrangements. Please fill in the appropriate section on the booking and guest forms when you book (or update us by email later) and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs. Please limit restrictions to true allergies as we can not accommodate taste preferences. We CAN NOT guarantee a nut-free environment or accommodate all requests. If your allergies are extreme, please let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss a plan together. We can accommodate most common dietary / medical restrictions such as: vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, and Ciliac. We have had lots of experience and good success keeping these guests happy and healthy.

Note that we do not generally serve pork, shellfish, or peanuts.


Do you have cooking facilities?

Yes! We have a camp kitchen shelter in the Encampment that is fully-stocked with pots, pans, dishes, utensils, sink and running water; all you need to bring is the food. The shelter hosts a 3-burner propane stove, 2 propane BBQs, a clay bread oven, and several mini fridges for shared food storage. You can also use one of the many campfire rings cooking lunch or dinner on. We can also fire up our clay oven for you to bake bread, baked goods, casseroles, or pizzas in - but give us a bit of notice to get this going and it takes a few hours for it to heat up. We recommend you bring a stocked ice chest for your perishables and beverages. More ice can be purchased in Three Hills. No food is to be stored in the tents. Each tent and caravan has its own ice chest for beverages near the doorway.

Breakfast - how does it work?

Breakfast is included with every stay during the main season and served at your unit (tent, caravan, or Burrow). If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate. Breakfasts are normally served at your doorstep. Our breakfasts are a light Continental breakfast with fresh backed goods, as well as a hot entree.

What do we need to bring?

Besides your sense of adventure, a few other items that you may want to consider:

  • Personal clothing items (period costumes are provided for your stay)

  • Seasonal clothing

  • Sun hat, bug spray, sun lotion

  • Comfortable footwear

  • Slippers for use in the tents 

  • Sleepwear 

  • Personal toiletries and shower sandals (towels, soap, and shampoo are provided)

  • Camera

  • Reading materials - we have a small lending library of books

  • Board games - we have some for loan

What costumes do you have?

We have an ever-growing and wide selection of costumes for men, women, and children in many sizes to accommodate almost everyone! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we'll be happy to work with you to ensure everyone has a truly immersive experience! You should also feel free to bring your own costumes. We work with a costumer in Three Hills who would be happy to make you a custom costume.

Is there cell services and WiFi?

Because this is an immersive experience, we encourage our guests to "unplug" for their stay. We do encourage our guests to share their photos and experiences on social media. However, we do know life exists outside the Encampment. There is cell service on the property but no WiFi in the park. If you really need to use WiFi for work (or pleasure) or you can sign into our WiFi network near the Gate or in the Parking lot. There are also a couple of free WiFi zones in Three Hills.

Do you host group events?

Yes! We love hosting private events like weddings, reunions, corporate retreats, birthday parties, and youth group camp-outs. Part or all of the site can be booked for your private event. We are happy to tailor a package that meets your unique needs and budget. If you are interested in booking a group event, please contact us directly to discuss availability and details. Examples are: weddings, family reunions, youth / church camps, birthdays, stag / stagette parties, etc.

Can I review your policies?

Sure! You can and should review our policies such as: media release waiver, bookings, cancellations, and others here.

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The Encampment


Are the tents heated?

Yes! All of our tents in the Encampment come with an electric heater and the tents are set up on permanent wooden floors, covered with thick area rugs. The tents are constructed of heavy canvas to help keep heat in at night and breathe during the day. Our beds are all covered with down comforters to keep you cozy. We also use electric mattress warming pads for the tents in the early spring and fall.

We have more than 2 kids, can we bring our own tent?

No; we do not allow private tents on our site - with the exception of historical re-enactment groups with period tents (by special arrangement). We have tents available to rent in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a family tent that can each accommodate up to 8 people (the Tudor). We also have a few smaller 1/2 person canvas tents that we can set up as overflow when needed (mostly for group bookings) - extra charges will apply)

Do you allow camping on your site?

No; our approvals from the County prohibits camping outside of our walls (including the parking lot). You can park your RV in the parking lot, but you are not allowed to stay overnight. There are several campgrounds in the area operated by the nearby counties or the town of Three Hills. We can provide you with a list of the nearby campgrounds and B&Bs on request.

What about large groups - can you accommodate my group?


We can accommodate groups of all sizes - from large families (in our 2 large family / group tents) to groups of up to 40 (or more) people. We want to work with you to ensure our accommodations work well for your unique event, so please contact us to talk through any details.



Do the tents have washroom facilities?

Yes; all of our tents in the Encampment have a private wash room (we call them 'throne-rooms'). Each throne-room has a flushing toilet (most are the portable chemical variety), lights, a mirror, and a sink with running water. In addition, we have pit toilets for all our guests to use on site. Three of our tents now have porcelain toilets: the Tudor, the Imperial, and the Fleur-de-lis.

Are we allowed to bring alcohol and consume it at our tent?

Yes; you may bring your own alcohol with you and consume it (responsibly) at and around your tent. A social drink at your tent or around the fire is fine. Consumption of alcohol at activities (such as crafts, archery, or swords classes) is not allowed. Also, since our feast halls are licensed (by the AGLC) facilities no outside alcohol is allowed, but we do have a cash bar at all feasts.

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When will the first Burrow be ready for guests to stay in?

We are working hard to complete our Bluebell Burrow as soon as possible. We plan to have it open early in the 2022 season.

How big will the Burrow be?

The Burrow has been designed to accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children, but furnished so that you feel right at home. It has over 650 sq feet of floor-space. The Burrow is also fully wheelchair accessible, with a roll-in shower and is barrier free.

What will the Burrow include inside?

Our Burrow features a large hallway running straight back into the hill, a sitting room with an electric fireplace, a full bathroom (toilet, sink, & shower), a kitchenette, and a bedroom. Large windows will let in natural light, and there will be barrel ceilings and round doorways throughout. There will be comfortable furniture in all living spaces. The Burrow is heated by in-floor heating and an electric fireplace.


What will the Burrow include inside?

The outside will have a private fenced-off yard area with benches and pathways to relax in and to take in the beauty of the countryside. There also will be a private round cedar hot tub for guests staying in the Burrow. There are a number of trees and shrubs for shade and shelter. There will be access up and above the burrow, but we ask guests to stay off the roof of the burrow.

Is it like camping?

The Burrow will be more self-contained and home-like than our deluxe tents in the Encampment. You will still need to bring food for meals - outside of the included breakfasts and Saturday feasts (in season). Our Burrow will have in-floor heating and an electric fireplace, and comfortable furniture to help you relax between country walks and on-site activities.


What will a Burrow be open year-round?

Burrow will be open at least 10 months a year - from March until the end of December (including New Years Day). During the main season (April through October) guests in the Burrow will be served breakfast and will have a special meal or communal feast on Saturday evenings, and guest can join in on the activities offered throughout the rest of the park. For the rest of the year (March, November, and December) the Burrow will be a self-catering unit with limited outdoor activities.


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The Caravans


When will the first Caravans be ready for guests to stay in?

We are working hard to complete the first caravan as soon as possible. We plan to have it open early in the 2022 season. The caravans will be offered from April through October

What will the caravans be like?

The caravans will be reproductions of Romani wagons (Vardos) that were, and still are, used by the Romani people in Europe for centuries. They will be beautiful self-contained wagons with a queen-sized bed and a small sleeping closet below (for the wee ones). There will be benches and a pull-out table, electricity, and a small water-closet - with a sink and toilet. We can't wait to share photos of our first caravan. Outside of the caravan will be a private campsite with chairs and a table, as well as a fireplace for cooking and warming up by.

Is it like camping?

The caravans will be a bit more like camping than the rest of the units in the park, but guests in the caravans will be welcome to join in the Saturday feast and to partake in the activities in the rest of the park.

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The Province of Alberta has lifted all COVID restrictions. We will continue to implement some of the safety protocols that we have been using for the past 2 seasons- where they make sense

Good Knights developed a comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation plan in 2020, that we have been enacting across all aspects of our operations - from guest arrivals and check-ins, through departures and post stay cleaning. The health and well-being of our guests and staff is paramount to us. Most of the measures of this plan will be put on hold or relaxed, but we will continue to work to protect our guests and staff, and to make them feel safe).


Proof of Vaccination - proof of COVID vaccination is no longer required for entry.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing - even before our guests arrive rest assured that we have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the tent and throne-rooms, as well as all common amenities. We will continue to have hand sanitizer stations strategically located around the park.

We will continue to use our enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols to protect our guests and staff.

Staggered Check-ins - each party of guests given a time window for their check in. Guests arriving before or after their window should text us with their new ETA to (403) 701-5858.  Please note: proof of COVID vaccination is no longer required for entry.

Breakfasts - breakfasts are still included and will be served to you at your private dining area at your tent. This will be more like a bed and breakfast, in that you can order your breakfast the night before and we will deliver it to you at the time you choose.

Feasts - we will continue to offer our weekly 'Noble' feasts to guests on Saturday nights. We will try to allow guest to space themselves out to their comfort levels as people get used to the relaxed distancing protocols

Activities - we will continue to offer our complementary activities (such as longbow archery, leather craft class, and basic sword classes),

Yard Games - our yard games (such as Kube, bocce ball, and croquette) can be signed out and delivered to your tent for use by your party and other guests.


Store - we will have our store open this year. The restrictions on entry and separation have been lifted.

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(updated May 2, 2022)