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Covid Measures

Good Knights



Updated Nov 16, 2022 (latest updates in red)

As of February 8th 2022 the Alberta Government has removed the requirement of mandatory proof of COVID vaccinations for businesses such as our. We expect that there will be more changes over the coming months.


At Good Knights we have implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation plan to help protect our guests and staff. The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is paramount to us.

Over the past 3 seasons we have successfully implemented our COVID measures to protect our guests and staff. We will continue to do this as long as necessary to assure our guests that they can stay with us in comfort and secure in knowing that we were doing everything we can to keep them safe and feeling secure. We will continue to adjust and respond as required and  to encourage proper social distancing, enhanced hygiene, and use of our cleaning and sanitizing protocols. We intend to continue with these measures, and as health recommendations change, so will our COVID measures.


Here is a summary of the plan and what it means for your stay with us (see the FAQ section of our website for details):


  • Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitizing - we will continue have stepped up our cleaning and sanitizing regime for tents and around the encampment. We will be encouraging guests to frequently wash or sanitize their hands and we will have sanitizing stations strategically located around the site.



  • Staggered Check-ins - each party of guests will be given a time window for their check-in so that we can provide our guests with a better check-in experience and minimize direct interactions with other guests.


  • Breakfasts - we will be serving breakfasts at your tent, with the choice of menu and time.


  • Feasts - we will continue to offer our guests the weekly 'Noble' feast on Saturday nights.


  • Activities - we will continue to offer our complementary activities - such as long-bow archery, craft classes, and basic sword & chivalry classes.


  • Yard Games - our yard games - such as Kube (Viking chess), bocce ball, etc. - will be available to borrow and use by your party during your stay. 

  • Costumes - you will still have access to our medieval costumes that you can sign out for your stay .

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