Good Knights - Bagg Inn Burrows

Artist Concept 


We are working on completing our first fantasy burrow accommodation unit.

We expect to have it finished and ready to open by the Summer of 2021.

We ARE NOT taking bookings for the burrow at this time. Check back here or sign up for our newsletter for updates and news.

The Burrows will feature:


Private underground burrow

(designed to accommodate 2 adults + 2 children) 


Round doors and windows


Richly decorated interiors


Bedroom, hall, bathroom, sitting room


Private outdoor garden for each burrow




Breakfasts* served
(*First, Second, and ‘Elevensies’ )


Themed costumes provided during your stay (including a large hooded-cloak) 


And plenty of hooks to hang your cloaks on.


Good Knights - Bagg Inn Burrows Icon

Construction is well under way on our first burrow. We are excited to soon be able to offer one of the most unique overnight experiences.

Join us for a stay in your very own luxury burrow built into our hillside. This unique accommodation experience will appeal to fans of the works of JRR Tolkien.


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